Business Services

We understand that every business is unique, because of this we offer various support options that best suit your IT needs.These options are via a combination of telephone support, remote access support, onsite visits and proactive scheduled maintenance.

Remote Access Support : Using remote access management software and hardware, we can provide remote support for your workstations and servers. With the remote access capability in place we can connect to your network and take control of your computer as if we were physically sat at the desktop. This allows us to change settings, look at event logs, rectify problems and various other tasks. Certain hardware requirements are needed for this type of support.

Proactive Scheduled Maintenance : In order to keep the network servers and workstations functioning optimally, it is important that they are maintained. Over time the performance of a server or workstation will deteriorate, for example the hard disk will be increasingly used up, the requirements placed on the RAM will increase and tape backups can fail. In order to maintain your network servers and workstations we can provide scheduled ‘health checks’ as part of your support contract.

Support Contract : On a regular, predictable schedule, we visit your site to perform necessary tasks to maintain the performance and reliability of your software and hardware. We will also be there to answer general computing questions that you or your staff may have. A support contract will also guarantee you a same day response and priority over non contracted customers. All contracts are completely flexible to suit your company needs.

Software Updates : Periodically, software publishers make improvements and bug fixes to their products. Keeping up with these changes, as well as understanding the implications of these changes, can be quite challenging and time consuming. Not understanding the details can expose you to security problems, performance issues, or even the risk of lost business information.

We are more than happy to come and meet with you to look at your infrastructure and discuss your requirements. Following this we can put together a proposal and quotation based on our recommendations and your requirements. To arrange a meeting, please call the office on 01271 446105